Bal Sahyog has been providing shelter, education, nutrition, clothing, medical care, recreational facilities and day and night services to more than 125 children in need of care and protection since 1954. These children include orphans, runaways, abandoned, surrendered, drug addicted, rescued from child labor and street children etc. It has license from Govt. of Delhi to keep and deliver round the clock services to 100 children in its Shelter Home and 25 through Open Shelter. The organization has also made constant efforts to strengthen its institutional approach and reach out to the community so that prevention and sustainable process is undertaken for growth & development of children through community awareness, strengthening and involvement.

You may join the mission of Bal Sahyog by undertaking the following activities:


Do you see children in vulnerable conditions, like working on the street, begging, talking care of their siblings or in a state of exploitation? If it bothers you and you want to help such children, join Bal Sahyog as a volunteer and provide services of teaching, performing activities and games with children and building their confidence etc. in its Children Home and contact centres at different slums of Delhi. In the photographs below children enjoying fun and lunch with volunteers.

Internship with Bal Sahyog:

We provide opportunities to students and professionals from various Institutions to join Bal Sahyog as Intern and participate in the activities and process carried out by Bal Sahyog for ensuring the right and entitlement of all children.

The internship opportunity provides young professionals a living experience of working with vulnerable children and deprived community as well as acts as the beginning of a good relationship with Bal Sahyog. The above photographs show our student interns from Kerala and NIPCCD, Delhi with children and trainees:

Advocate for Child Rights:

Millions of children across India are deprived of their childhood, dignity and love. You can act at your own level to ensure a happy, healthy and dignified childhood to all.

• Mobilize your friend, colleague and families to create awareness on child rights and women's right and entitlement.
• Do not employ child as domestic help.
• Reject goods and services produced by companies employing children.
• Visit your nearby government school and help them provide quality education.
• If you see any child in vulnerable condition, dial 1098 or contact nearby police station/cwc/ngo.
• Mobilize and persuade influential persons, policy makers and opinion makers to ensure high budget allocation for women and children and its quality implementation.

Corporate Support and Funding:

BAL SAHYOG has changed the lives of more than 25,000 children by ensuring proper care and services to the vulnerable children in the Children's Home and Contact Center in 10 slums of Delhi during the last 6 years. Further, it has ensured enrolment and retention of over 6000 underprivileged children in the age groups of 6 to12 years in formal education and their all-round development with the supports of CSR of TMF, Essel Foundation, BHEL, ONGC, SAIL, GAIL, and Irish Aid, Embassy of Ireland etc.

Further, during the same period 6 years, it has provided vocational training in Beauticulture, Tailoring and Computers to 4459 young adults and women. Out of which 2533 are eithers employed or self-employed. This has been possible due to funding support and guidance received form TMF, Essel Foundation, BHEL, ONGC, SAIL, GAIL and Irish Aid etc.

Why collaborate with Bal Sahyog?

• Collaborate with Bal Sahyog to establish child rights and eliminate cause of vulnerability to children.
• We are transparent in all financial and related transactions
• Our creditability, accountability and transparency as well as quality programme implementation processes are well known in the voluntary and development sector.
• We stand for holistic child rights, sustainable development and lasting change: We provide immediate care, services and protection to children in need of care and protection, early childhood care, remedial education and special academic schooling to poor and under privilege children.
• We also provide vocational training and placement services to youth and women for their economic empowerment.

Shop with Bal Sahyog:
Bal Sahyog provides vocational training in tailoring, art and craft, card making, Diya painting etc. You may purchase these materials for self-use or for gifts to others. We put these materials for sale in the Bal Sahyog campus and contact centers in different slums of Delhi from time to time and specially during festive occasions like Diwali, Holy, X mas, Idd etc.

What is more important and meaningful for you is that the proceeds from all these sales help Bal Sahyog to invest the same for ensuring a happy childhood to all.

To order a product, call us at 011-23411273/995, or visit us at Bal Sahyog, Opposite L block, Connaught Palace, New Delhi

Sponsor the child development programme:

• Sponsor a special lunch/dinner for 125 children by making a donation of Rs. 7000/-.
• Sponsor a breakfast or evening tiffin for 125 children by making a donation of Rs. 3000/-.
• Sponsor an outing for 40 children of your choice for a day by paying Rs. 6000/ or arrange bus for their transportation and food.
• Sponsor an outing for 125 children of your choice for one day by paying Rs. 20,000/ or arranging for the travel and food of all children.
• Share your moments of happiness by celebrating birthday or anniversary or festival or any other event.
• Sponsor a child for one year (including food, shelter, clothing, health, education, games etc.) by paying Rs. 72000. (Payment can be made @ Rs. 6000/ per month).
• Donate in cash or kind towards infrastructure maintenance and development such as kitchen, toilets, dorms, cooler, refrigerator, fan, water heater, equipment etc.
• Donate in cash or kind for specific purpose like blanket, warm cloths, bad cushion, bad sheets, pillow, games materials, children clothes, sleepers, shoos, shocks, lock etc.